Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Pretty Patches Magazine

One of the (many) things I love about being a fabric shop owner is that every now and again, Im lucky enough to receive copies of the latest crafty magazines.

The newest kid on the block is a magazine called Pretty Patches.  The title alone is something that grabbed my attention and straight away I knew it was going to be right up my street!

Their website says..."If you love fabric, you'll love issue 1 of Pretty Patches magazine. A 100-page bundle of pretty projects, easy-to-follow tutorials, fabric collections, haberdashery, shopping, chats with designers and fellow makers, must-try sewing courses, and all the latest from the world of quilting patchwork and appliqué."   They're not wrong! 

The cover is exactly as you'd expect pretty and as the tag line says "If you love fabric, you'll love...." indeed you will.  There's loads of inspiration for fabric lovers and sewing enthusiasts out there.

There are a number of projects in the magazine that come with easy instructions so, although they may look complicated, I reckon even a beginner could give them a good go and end up with some fantastic results.

This is the project on the cover of the magazine and this photo alone would make me pick it up!  Its a simple enough project, I reckon the big patchwork would make this come together so quickly you could probably do it from start to finish in an afternoon. 

There are also a few really inspiring interviews from crafters and quilt makers and all round crafty peeps from the industry.

Ooh look, there's even a crafty little advert for your favourite sewing shop ;) 

I dont know why, but sometimes when I've bought crafty magazines, I've been left feeling a bit...dare I say, deflated.  The cover promises so much and looks so tempting, but the projects are never something I'd try and the interviews just dont inspire me.  So many of them are trying to be "edgy" and appeal to a younger market group.  Not so with Pretty Patches.  Now Im not saying that will be the case for every issue of this really new magazine, but so far, very good and I hope it continues.  

So, to conclude, I LOVE the new Pretty Patches magazine, a lot!

p.s. I was neither paid nor asked to write this on my blog.  Just thought I'd share how happy I am to have found a new favourite magazine :) 


  1. Is it in the shops now?? I haven't seen it yet!

    1. Yes it is Gill! I believe WHSmiths have it :)

  2. Ooooo fab projects there. What are you going to do first. Thanks for visiting my blog, hoping to do one more hour on my dress tomorrow. Jo x

    1. I really really want to give the cover project a go. That quilt looks so pretty but like it would come together quite quickly!

      Look forward to seeing your progress on your dress and thanks so much for popping by!

      Rhi x

  3. Mine popped through my letter box the other day - must say I *do* want to do a lot of the projects in there (the bedding and footstool are GREAT little ideas for me as we've just moved home - there is NOTHING ugly in there - I am most pleased! Will be ordering issue two :)

    1. I felt the same Eli, so many projects to be inspired by.

      I had a very nice conversation with the editor today and the second issue will be out around the 18th October!

      Rhi :D

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