Monday, 14 January 2013

Facebook Giveaway!!

I am hugely pleased to announce we have reached over 4000 friends on Facebook!  This is a massive achievement for our little shop as one of the problems online retailers face, is reaching people in this vast community we call the world wide web!!  Facebook has been a fantastic platform for us since we have launched, just 10 little months ago, so the fact that over 4000 people have taken the time to "like" our page makes me think that perhaps we are doing something right!!  

To celebrate and as a thank you, we are having a rather lovely giveaway (lovely in my humble opinion of course!).  Pop over to our Facebook page and be in with a chance to win this little lot.....

All you have to do is share this photo via Facebook.  The Giveaway closes at midnight on Wednesday and the winner will be drawn on Thursday.

Good Luck!! x

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Normal Service Has Resumed!

Well technically speaking normal service resumed last Wednesday.  Lots of you lovely customers ordered during the Christmas break, hence my pile of parcels I took to the post office looked something like this last week....

Not my actual pile, my parcels are pink, but you get the idea!

Cue lots of tutting and muttering at the post office queue...ooops! 

Im pleased to say a lovely Christmas break was had by all.  Mountains of toys were brought from Santa for my two (to go with the mountains they already have!).

It was lovely not having to get up and do the school run, however I have looked forward to getting back some sort of routine.  I did also manage a little sewing time during the Christmas break.  Santa was very kind to me too and brought me two books I've been wanting for ages...

It really is amazing what you can sew with a metre of fabric!  I started off with this little chap for my nephew...

I used the No More Monkeys fabric that came into the shop recently and some cream felt for his face and his tummy.  For those of you who might like to know, I'll do a more indepth review of the book here on the blog soon.  Just incase you're in two minds about buying it!

Now that we're back to normal, sewing time will be taken over with picking and packing (and school runs and after school activities etc. etc.) but one of my new years resolutions is to get to my sewing machine more...I miss it!  Plus surrounded by all this gorgeous fabric, I have ideas in my head all the time so hope to complete some of them this year (and by complete I mean completely finish, not start and leave!).  I also plan to blog more but we'll see about that one.

So now that normal service has resumed, dont forget...

So to all our lovely customers, we wish you a happy, healthy and successful 2013.

p.s. Our sale section still has lots of lovely fabrics in it, with more being added all the time.