Thursday, 31 May 2012

Cardiff City Craft & Hobby Show

Thought I'd share with you a few photos of the Cardiff City Craft and Hobby show we attended last weekend.  It was a two day event and the first "show" of its kind that Cardiff City Stadium had hosted.  It was geared a lot towards card and jewellery making but we were invited to be the "fabric" presence on the day.....and a presence we were!!

Hours were spent folding, sorting, packing and ordering extra stock.  Many a late night was had making sure everything was organised as there is nothing worse than being unorganised at a craft show!

As it was the first big show we'd attended, we had no clue as to how it was going to go, but thankfully, for us at least, it was a huge success!

Lots of people passed through the doors, people not only looking for beautifully handcrafted items and gifts, but also who were looking for inspiration themselves.  Lots of people spent money on fabulous supplies (not only from us but other stalls too!) and a good time was had by all! 

We are looking forward to the next show which they are hoping to host around October/November time.  Im already looking at Christmas fabrics and supplies!  (am I mad, is it too soon?!).  I'll leave you with a few photos of my stall from the day....

Lots and lots (and lots and lots) of fabrics!
The Button Section

Ribbon stand with the gorgeous new sign

So many people loved our fabrics...and bought a lot too!  We are currently in the middle of re-stocking as we sold out of quite a few lines.  As always, the Summer Garden range was a huge favourite, as it is online!  Closely followed by the Vintage Teapots.  We will also have a few new fabrics and haberdashery items coming soon, so keep an eye closely on the shop!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

{Design Team} Introducing...Lane from Williowlane Designs

Last but by no means least, please welcome Lane to our Design Team....

"Hi I’m Lane from Willowlane Designs. I am an English girl living in South Wales not too far away from the bridge so I can get my fill of English soil from time to time lol!  I currently do not have a “proper” job as the male members in my family like to call it.  I am a level 2 TA and hope to one day get to work in a school, just got to wait for my youngest to go to school full time. I have been making all sorts of things for quite some time but really got into it to pay for a headstone for my three little boys who were born sleeping over the last 14 years. Last year they got their stone but I was more then hooked to just stop making so I carried on.
Copyright Willowlane Designs
I love fabric and have a huge hoard, lots of it i can’t bring myself to use, I take it out of the box, give it a smooth and fold it back up to put away until the next time.  I am half self taught and half you-tube video taught for technique.  I get my ideas from all over the place. I love to hand stitch and enjoy a challenge like this Captain Jack Hawkins Cushion I did last year. I also taught myself to make this little dolly from start to finish.
Copyright Willowlane Designs
I am also the typical tradesperson in that i make lots for others and all the things i want to make for my house are still in the to do book. I also sing in a ladies harmony group called Mello’D’ which i love.
I was so pleased to be picked to be park of the team as one, I love all things fabric and two, it will challenge me to stretch my creative mind."
Thank you Lane!  I adore the little doll and the little dolls dress.  Such gorgeous makes.  More of Lanes gorgeous makes can be found on her Facebook page.
Well that was the last member of our Design Team to introduce you too, I hope you are as excited as we are to see their makes with the first Design Team pack that was sent out.

Keep an eye on the blog, makes coming soon!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

{Design Team} Introducing Rachael from Sew Ray Me

Good afternoon again!  Our Design Team have been very busy over the last few weeks and the ideas are certainly flowing.  I've been amazed at what I've seen so far, although Im not sure why, each of our Design Team was chosen for their unique talents and creativeness. 

I will be posting their makes this week but first I thought I'd introduce you to the next member, Rachael from Sew Ray Me.

I’m Rachael and I blog here –
I taught myself to sew almost 2 years ago and literally haven’t stopped since! I really love designing and making things, my emphasis is usually on pretty and girly and useful items, however, with a 2 year old son I often find ‘boy’ designs creeping into my work!
Most of my sewing is done on my sewing machine, I love small, quick projects because usually I don’t have big chunks of time, I’m a nap-time crafter! Recently I’ve taught myself to crochet, learned some embroidery and have re-discovered a love for cross stitch. Before sewing I also spent a lot of time card-making and scrapbooking. My other hobbies (when I have time) include cooking/baking and growing vegetables in our garden. 

I’m delighted to be a part of The Sewing Boutique’s design team and can’t wait to see what will be in the mystery package each month!"
A truly "crafty" lady, we are really looking forward to seeing what Rachael creates.  For more of her gorgeous makes (including some brand new sewing essentials kits) visit her Folksy shop.
Tomorrow we will be introducing the last (but not least) member of our Design Team and after that I will be showing you their makes!


Monday, 28 May 2012

{Design Team} Introducing...Emma from Sweet Williams

Hello everyone!  Been very busy around these parts lately as I've been busy doing a stock take after the Cardiff City Craft & Hobby Show (post about that coming soon).  However, I thought I'd take two minutes to introduce you to our next new member of our design team.

Introducing Emma from Sweet Williams

Hi, I am Emma and am the face behind Sweet Williams.  I am based in Neath, South Wales.  I started my little business back in November 2011 when I realised I could turn my hobby into something more.  This time last year I hadn't used a sewing machine before so I have really surprised myself.  I was bored on maternity leave when baby was sleeping (there's only so much cleaning you can do) and I have always loved cross stitch so my hubby bought me a Cath Kidston Stitch book.  It all started from there.  
My favourite type of craft is sewing using both fabric and felt.  I love both equally as you can do endless things with felt and it's easy to sew with but there are so many gorgeous fabrics around which I love to use, especially to make cushions, tote bags and bunting amongst other things.  I seem to be really into hand embroidery at the moment too and am addicted to collecting buttons and ribbon. I also make greetings cards, usually personalised for the customers needs but I do prefer to sew.

Copyright Sweet Williams

When I am not sewing madly I am either at the day job - (I am a part time Legal Assistant for a local law firm), being a mum to James (4) and William (1), looking after the house and spending time with hubby, fabric and button shopping or reading books (we own hundreds which live in floor to ceiling book cases)!!  I am constantly busy and on the go and I tend to be a night owl.  I'm definitely not a morning person.  

Copyright Sweet Williams
I love reading blogs and I write my own (albeit somewhat neglected at times) -
Thanks Emma!  Im with you on the morning thing, such a horrible time of day!!  I've followed Emmas blog since the start and cannot believe that just over a year ago, hadnt used a sewing machine!  More of Emmas gorgeous and very talented makes can be found over on her Facebook page and if there's something in particular you like, it can be bought over at her website.

We're fast approaching the Jubilee weekend so we'll have LOTS of lovely makes to show you to celebrate! 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

{Design Team} Introducing....Elli From Heartstitch

Good Morning, I hope it is sunny where you are because we have blue skies and lots of sunshine here at The Sewing Boutique HQ!

The first products have gone out to our Design Team so I thought I would introduce them to you over the next few days.

First up, Elli from Heartstitch.

Copyright Heartstitch
"Hi, my name is Elli and I run Heartstitch, which is based in Plymouth, Devon, but I am originally from Dorset.  I started Heartstitch as something to do when taking a break from training to be a teacher - and I've not looked back since! I love to create cute things using felt, fabric, pens and a little imagination!

My favourite type of craft is sewing - preferably hand sewing, but if the machine is working I don't mind using that too! Most of my work is all hand sewn, which takes a little longer - but I think it's worth it! When I get a little spare time (rarely!) I do like to tackle an embroidery - you won't see any bouquets of flowers - I'm more likely to be stitching unicorns!
Copyright Heartstitch
My second love has to be illustration - which I am trying my best to spend more time on.  I'll give anything a try though!  My favourite medium is paper - I can draw anything on it! But I do love fabric - you can make so many things with it and there's so much variety! 
When I'm not crafting (not often!) I like to 'hang out' with the other half and our two little kitty shaped furballs. I'm a sucker for bad telly and video games!"

Copyright Heartstitch
Im sure you'll agree, Elli's makes and illustrations are gorgeous and she is a very talented designer/maker.  More of them can be found over on her Facebook page.  We are really excited to have her on our Design Team and really excited to see her makes in the future!

Friday, 18 May 2012

{Favourite Fabric Friday} Rosy Blue Gingham

Its Friday again!  Which means another favourite fabric of the week.

Last weeks pink cupcake gingham was very well received with lots of people taking advantage of grabbing it for just £2.00 per FQ.  I look forward to seeing lots of girlie makes using it!

However, its time for a new favourite and, staying with the gingham theme, this weeks Favourite Fabric is....

Rosy Blue Gingham
Maybe Im hoping for summer (today is a sunny day - for a change!) but this just makes me think of picnic baskets and picnic blankets.  What does it make you think of?

So this is our favourite fabric this week and I hope it will be yours too!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

{Customer Makes}

Since opening our online shop on 1st March, we've been lucky enough to have sent out lots and lots (and lots!) of lovely orders.  Some of our customers have even very kindly, shared photos of their makes with us.

We love, love, LOVE seeing photos of your makes!  So if you have any photos of fabrics you've used from us, or maybe you've included a few of our buttons in your design, please feel free to send any photos to  We've started an album over on Facebook so if you'd like to see your makes in there, get in touch!

Here are a few so far...

Such a good use of covered buttons! Bracelet by The Vintage Hooker

This doll is too cute! Loving the Riley Blake Dress! From Old Hen's Nest
This little doll complete with Riley Blake Dress, is just too adorable!

Using our popular Summer Garden range, these throw cushions are super stylish

We also hope you are inspired by our customer makes and would love to see yours soon!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

{The Sewing Boutique Design Team} Winners Announced!

Firstly, I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone that showed an interest in becoming a member of The Sewing Boutique Design Team.  Im literally, overwhelmed that so many talented people are interested in creating with our fabrics and wanting to be a part of our blog!

It was a massively tough decision about who to pick, so without anymore rambling from me, here are the winners....

1. Emma from Sweet Williams - Soft Furnishings, Cards and Gifts

2. Rachel from Sew, Rae, Me

3. Elli from Heartstitch

4. Lane from Willow Lane Designs


I'll be emailing all of you today and sending out welcome packs soon.  In the meantime, please feel free to add the above button to your blog.
We will be doing a blog post on each of the new members and will hopefully be seeing their gorgeous makes soon!!

Thanks again to everyone that got in touch, Im hugely sorry to those that didnt make it in as I wish I could have included everyone!!

Friday, 11 May 2012

{Favourite Fabric Friday} Our First One!

Welcome to our first Favourite Fabric Friday slot!  Every week, on a Friday (as the title would suggest) we will be listing our new favourite fabric - it may be one we've had in that week, it may not be a new one at all, it may be an old favourite or one thats been around for a while but suddenly, we love (its easy to be fickle with so many gorgeous fabrics around!!). 

Not only will we be sharing our favourite fabric of the week, you can get a not-too-shabby 20% off that fabric for the whole week!  So a FQ will be £2.00 and a metre of gorgesous-ness will be just £8.00.

So, withour further ado, our favourite fabric this week is....

Gorgeous Cupcakes On Pink Gingham
This also comes in navy but you cant beat a bit of girly pink gingham with cupcakes on!

The offer will last until next Friday, when we will have another pick for you.  So take full advantage of the offer while it lasts!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Tiny Squares

We've had lots going on in the shop recently with new fabrics arriving, putting together our brand new Design Team and keeping up to date with our accounts (boo!). 

My sewing machine has been sobbing its been used so little lately so when I had a (rare) evening off recently, I decided to start a project I could pick up every now and again when I have a few minutes!  So I dived into my fabric stash.  Now, my shop is super organised by colour and is full of carefully folded FQs, my own stash Im ashamed to say, looks a little bit like this.....

Box 1 of 4...Oh the shame!!
Im really new to patchwork and made a small quilt for my daughters doll a few months back.  I loved deciding on the fabrics and putting together the pieces.  So I decided my next project would be a quilt and set about cutting up lots of 2.5" squares to make a simple 9 block patterned quilt.  Its a fab way of using up any tiny scraps you have.

Lots of tiny squares, will hopefully make....

These are the blocks I've assembled so far.  I think they look good!  I've no idea how big the actual quilt will be but Im loving putting together the blocks.

....lots of big squares!

If any of my followers have any quilting/patchwork tips, they would be very much appreciated!

Dont forget theres still time to email about being part of our Design Team!  More info can be found here.

Friday, 4 May 2012

{Quick Tutorial} Vendor Apron

Welcome to what I hope will be the first of many tutorials here on The Sewing Boutique Blog! 

The first one I thought I'd do is something I recently made to take with me to craft fayres.  I made this super handy half apron to keep my change, scissors and tape measure in.  It really is useful as it saves you trying to find valuable space for your change box on your display table.  Infact I recently spilled coffee on mine on the first of two craft fairs and didnt have it the next day - I missed it!  Maybe I should make two.....?

I hope I've explained the steps, its relatively straight forward but apologies if somethings not clear!  

2 metres of bias binding
Sewing machine

1. Cut your fabric pieces - from the plain piece 17inches by 13inches and from the patterned one cut 17inches by 10 inches.  Lay them out and check your edges match.

 2. On what will be the bottom corners of your apron, cut around a glass (or something round) to give a rounded corner on the plain and patterned piece.

 3. Taking the patterned piece, pin and sew your bias binding to what will be the top of the pocket (tip - I find it so much easier if you iron your bias binding in half first) 

 4. Pin and sew the patterned piece to your plain piece, carefully sewing around three edges and the corners, like so...

 5.  Measure the correct amount of bias binding to go around you waist, making sure you leave plenty to tie in a bow at the back.  Press in half and pin and sew to the top of your apron.

6.  Sew two lines from the bottom seam to the top of the patterned piece to form your pockets.  I created three pockets, one for change, one for notes and one for my tape measure and scissors (apologies I didnt take a photo of this bit!)

7. Try on for size and wear with pride at your next craft fayre!

Hope that was easy to follow and if anyone gives it a go, would love to see the results!

Have a great weekend all! 

 p.s. Theres still time to email me if you'd like to be considered for The Sewing Boutique Design Team.  Full details are here.


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

{Calling All Designers And Makers}

We are very excited to announce that we at The Sewing Boutique are putting together this.....

....our very own Design Team!  The best part is, we are inviting YOU to be a part of it!

So what exactly does this mean, I hear you ask?  Well, do you like receiving new products?  Do you like a bit of a challenge?  Each member of our Design Team will..

- Each month, be the first to receive a new and different product to create something with.  You could create anything using our products and therefore use any craft - cardmaking, sewing, crochet, knitting - anything as long as it includes the product you are sent!

- Be featured on our blog, Twitter and Facebook page with your make, linking back to your blog/website.

- Receive 10% off all products in our shop, at all times.

In return we ask that...

- You are a regular blogger

- You show us your makes using our featured product sent to you each month and any other products from the shop.

- Feature our Design Team blog button on your side bar.

Thats it!  So not only do you get to receive (free) new products every month to get your creative juices flowing, you receive 10% off anything else you may choose to go with it!

Sound like something you'd be interested in?  We'd LOVE to hear from you!  Drop us an email at with your name, blog address, website address if different and your favourite craft.  We'll be choosing four designer/makers for the Design Team and will announce them on the blog on Friday 11th May.

Good luck! x x