Sunday, 1 September 2013

Market Night - Tonight!

Ok, so I probably should have let you guys know about this before hand, but I'll be honest it's kind of been a last minute idea.

I've got quite a lot of ends-of-roll remnants that need shifting.  They are odd shapes and leftovers from when a roll of fabric is finished but its not enough to make up a FQ.  So I decided to host......

What is a Market Night, I hear you ask?  Basically, its like a real shop having a sale, but this one is virtual and takes place in the comfort of your own home!  The event will be run via Facebook as that is the easiest platform for me to put up an album.  There are a number of designer and non designer fabrics going in the album and just to give you a teaser, here are two...

Anthology Fabrics - Raining Rainbows - Dots

Riley Blake - Happy Ever After - Dresses
At 7.30pm tonight (GMT) the virtual doors will open.  I will be putting up an album of our remnants with the size, price and postage.  The first to comment "SOLD"* will then need to send me their PayPal address and I will send out an invoice.  The invoice will need to be paid by midnight tonight to make it fair to everyone as the album will be up until 12pm tomorrow.  

So that's it, simple really!  Click on the picture to go to the event on Facebook and be there at 7.30pm** sharp to take part.  Any questions, please dont be afraid to ask!

Good luck and hope to see you there!!

* obviously the "SOLD" doesnt need to be in capitals!  In the event that two people comment at the same time, the only fair way I can do it is to give it to the person who Facebook puts at the top of the list.

** I may put the album up sooner but please dont comment before 7.30pm. To be fair to everyone, any comments made before 7.30pm will be deleted.  All in the name of fairness!

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