Monday, 11 February 2013

Design Team Makes - Valentines Special

I thought to myself when packing up the Design Team challenge this month, that the this could possibly be their favourite one so far...and I was right!!  The Riley Blake - Sweetcakes fabric went down really well and soon photos of their makes were dropping into my inbox.  They each had a fat eighth of fabric (a fat quarter cut in half - coming soon to the shop) and co-ordinating buttons and ribbon.  I did wonder if they would struggle with such a small amount of fabric (each piece measured around 28x50cms) , but that was the challenge.  Well, as you can see, they certainly didnt struggle!

First up, Eli at Heartstitch made not one but five different designs (see, you can do loads with a fat eighth!)

From the fabric she made 2 love bird art hoops - hand sewn using embroidery silks, the delightful Sweetcakes - Tiny Hearts fabric, with felt details on calico, in 5" embroidery hoops that have been painted with a b&q tester pot(!) and hung with pretty ribbon (bright pink backing).

She also made a "love" art hoop, hand sewn using embroidery silks, yummy Riley Blake fabric in a 4" embroidery hoop painted using b&q tester paint, hung with cute satin ribbon. 

Then finally...1 heart & button brooch card, made using pretty fabric, felt, tiny buttons, cardstock, a brooch back and a stamp.  Also a speech bubble love brooch card, made with the gorgeous fabric, felt, a broochback, cardstock, decorative paper and a stamp and a heart card (not pictured) made with the scrumptious fabric, felt, cardstock and a stamp.

Emma from Sweet Williams made these beautiful keepsake items.  

A lavender ring cushion using the fabric, the ribbons and a little button detail, a beautiful "key to my heart" decoration and an amazingly cute fabric and button brooch.  Emma also made a very good point that a lot of people think its expensive and that you need a lot of equipment to start sewing, but these were all made with the smallest amount of products. 

Next, Rachael from Sew Rae Me created these very useful and more importantly very pretty coffee cup sleeve and coaster set. 

As the rules stated "no hanging hearts allowed" Rachael decided to make a practical gift using the fabric, some wadding and one of the spotty buttons.  But if coffee isn't your thing, she also made a very cute matching coaster, using the left over fabric, one of the spotty buttons and a little ribbon tag for added cuteness!! 

And last but by no means least...Lane from Willowlane Designs put a different spin on the ring cushion.  How amazing would this be as a proposal on Valentines day??

Lane used some of the fabric, the ribbons and two of the buttons and again, said she had lots of fabric left!  

All these items can be bought from each member of the DT, just click on their links and it will take you to their Facebook page or website.

All the items used for these makes can be bought from the shop and not just for Valentines day, but for any romantic day of the year!

I hope you enjoyed this installment of the Design Team and have been suitably inspired.  The next pack will be winging its way to the Design Team soon so more lovely makes will be posted here.

Until next time....


  1. Wow - your DT have been busy, such pretty makes! Love the ring cushion - what a romantic idea!

    Hope you are good, hugs E xx

    1. They're good arent they! I was suitably impressed :) All good here lovely,

      Speak soon, Rhi x x x x