Friday, 4 May 2012

{Quick Tutorial} Vendor Apron

Welcome to what I hope will be the first of many tutorials here on The Sewing Boutique Blog! 

The first one I thought I'd do is something I recently made to take with me to craft fayres.  I made this super handy half apron to keep my change, scissors and tape measure in.  It really is useful as it saves you trying to find valuable space for your change box on your display table.  Infact I recently spilled coffee on mine on the first of two craft fairs and didnt have it the next day - I missed it!  Maybe I should make two.....?

I hope I've explained the steps, its relatively straight forward but apologies if somethings not clear!  

2 metres of bias binding
Sewing machine

1. Cut your fabric pieces - from the plain piece 17inches by 13inches and from the patterned one cut 17inches by 10 inches.  Lay them out and check your edges match.

 2. On what will be the bottom corners of your apron, cut around a glass (or something round) to give a rounded corner on the plain and patterned piece.

 3. Taking the patterned piece, pin and sew your bias binding to what will be the top of the pocket (tip - I find it so much easier if you iron your bias binding in half first) 

 4. Pin and sew the patterned piece to your plain piece, carefully sewing around three edges and the corners, like so...

 5.  Measure the correct amount of bias binding to go around you waist, making sure you leave plenty to tie in a bow at the back.  Press in half and pin and sew to the top of your apron.

6.  Sew two lines from the bottom seam to the top of the patterned piece to form your pockets.  I created three pockets, one for change, one for notes and one for my tape measure and scissors (apologies I didnt take a photo of this bit!)

7. Try on for size and wear with pride at your next craft fayre!

Hope that was easy to follow and if anyone gives it a go, would love to see the results!

Have a great weekend all! 

 p.s. Theres still time to email me if you'd like to be considered for The Sewing Boutique Design Team.  Full details are here.



  1. Ha - sussed it, if i leave a comment via my phone it works! Must be my silly computer grrr!
    Fab tutorial Rhi and so practical! Have a great weekend x

  2. Great tutorial..... well set out & explained. xx