Monday, 30 April 2012

{Product Focus} More New Fabrics To Brighten Your Day

Thats what these fabrics did when they arrived, brightened what has been a pretty dreary, wet, grey weekend.  Some new pin spot fabrics arrived and I love the colours, they are really fresh and bright.  Think my favourite is the sunflower, but seeing as my favourite colour is yellow thats not a surprise.  It reminds me of a much absent sun at the moment!!

Sunflower - My favourite!
The Mocha is a lovely colour - very grown up!  Which is your favourite?  Do you have a favourite colour you like working with??

p.s. Keep a lookout on our blog as we'll have some exciting news that may interest you if you are a designer/maker.


  1. Ooooo, spots - I love anything spotty..!!
    Very nice colours too.
    Jo. x

  2. Lovely fabrics, couldn't tell you which one is my favorite, they all are nice. The yellow one is so cheery but the mocha one is yummy...