Wednesday, 11 April 2012

All The Fun Of the (Craft) Fair

Hello Fellow Crafty/Bloggy People

As well as launching the online shop and all the busy-ness of the last six weeks, we've attended quite a few fairs too!  I love attending craft fairs.  I love meeting people, talking about crafts be it sewing or cardmaking or painting.  I find craft fairs attract lots of crafty people.

Me at my stall at a recent event, looking rather happy I have to say!
We've got all our events listed on the events page of the site - you can take a look here!

Oooooh so many colours!
One of the biggest events we will be attending is the Cardiff City Crafty and Hobby Show in May.  More information can be found here, but it looks like its going to be huge!  We'll be having a stand with the suppliers but there will also be many crafter stands there that Im looking forward to browsing around.  If you ask me (not that Im biased!) its one not to be missed.

We'll be getting in lots of lovely new fabrics specifically for this event, so if you can get to Cardiff by train, plane, car, donkey, whatever, be sure to come say hi!

Attending lots of events, I've learnt a few things....dont eat lunch or I wont manage a cupcake, take LOTS of change as your first customer will always give you a note, take some sort of pouch for all said change as taking a money box to the toilet is a pain in the bum!!  Following all this, I came up with this little lovely....

Its a money/tape measure/scissors pouch - or otherwise know as a vendors apron!!  So simple to do and so handy!  Tutorial coming soon....


  1. Love the apron. Would love to come along to the craft and hobby show. Will try and come along on the Saturday if I can. Sounds fab, although I think I will be using a car as my mode of transport as I'll have to leave tomorrow if coming by donkey ;-)

    1. Probably best to leave the donkey at home, not sure they'll have a place to park him ;-)

      It should be a good weekend though and the organisers are hoping to make it a twice yearly thing which will be good. Most of the time these events are quite far from us! x x