Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Two Days??? That Cant Be Right!

However, that is right, there are only two days left until launch day!  Im pleased to report that, apart from one or two photos, the site is set and ready to go.  Not sure exactly what time we will be going live on Thursday, Im thinking about lunchtime, once we've checked, double checked and then checked some more that everything is ok and nothings been left out!

Handmade cover buttons that match some of our fabrics

There are hundreds of products on the sight and its been a real labour of love so Im hoping you will love it as much as we do.

I posted last time that we'd be awarded The Liebster Blog Award by two lovely ladies, Marie at Dinki Dots and Twinkle Star at Twinkles, Tutorials and Twirls.  So as the rules state, Im now going to pass it on to five blogs I find inspiring (and have less than 200 followers!).

Everyday I'm Stitchin'
Love reading Gemmas blog and she's got a bookshelf of crafty books Im jealous of!!

Sewing Pink
Hannah is new to sewing (and blogging) but Im loving reading what project she's undertaking next as it wasnt so long ago I was a complete beginner!! 

Josie has recently made the most gorgeous shoulder bag (I've closely got my eye on!).  Pop over and say hi!

All Things Cute And Crafty
Another new-to-blogging blog but the title sums up everything I could hope for from a blog!!  Fabulous makes here too so definitely check it out.

Made By (A)Me
This blog is perfect as it includes baking, sewing, crafting - what more could you want from a blog!??  Drop by and say hello and check out her recent cupcake bunting.

So thats my list, I hope they all like the award (if not, I obviously wont be offended) but just wanted to show some appreciation for some really lovely blogs that I look forward to reading of an evening!

Make sure you check back here on Thursday for our LAUNCH DAY GIVEAWAY!!!


  1. thanks for the Award, not had one for ages! I was beginning to feel like Billy no mates!

    the bag is now listed on the website

    Josie x

  2. Heee heeee!! :o) Thank you sooo much for the award and your lovely comments! I shall indeed follow the rules and pass on the award too! :) x

  3. :) TYVM for the recognition - Glad you enjoy my stitchy blog of all things sewing x