Thursday, 23 February 2012

One Week Til Launch Day!

It never fails to amaze me how quickly time goes.  However, Im really pleased to say there is only a week to go until we launch online!  This time next week, the site will be live and hopefully, you will be swooning over all our gorgeous fabrics, ribbons and buttons and have a million creative ideas floating round your head.

There are a lot of things planned for this blog too.  Aswell as regular updates of whats going on behind the scenes at The Sewing Boutique HQ, we will be doing regular tutorials, hopefully I will be inviting a few guests to do tutorials too, we will have regular product reviews and updates so you can find out whats new in the shop and also, discount codes and giveaways when we reach a few milestones! 

One of our favourite fabric bundle named "Cream Tea"!
Also on this blog next week will be details of our Launch Day Giveaway!!  This will be huge and not to be missed!  Im putting the final touches to the prize but needless to say it will include fabric, lots of ribbon and maybe even a special code for the winner to use on the site?  Sound tempting!?  All will be revealed next week!

Will these be included in our Launch Day Giveaway??
Also, our new blog has been awarded a couple of awards lately, for which we are so grateful!  Marie at Dinki Dots and Twinkle Star at Twinkles, Tutorials & Twirls have awarded us The Leibster Blog Award.  So so kind ladies, thank you so much!  I will pass the award on in my next post.

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