Saturday, 23 June 2012

{Quick Tutorial} Funky Flower Button Brooch

Hello lovely followers!

Lots of new items have graced the shelves at TSB HQ over the last few weeks, including these super cute and funky flower buttons.

So thought a small tutorial was due!  Here's how to make this fab flower brooch....

You will need:

Small piece of felt 

1. Cut two small circles from your felt.  This will make the backing of your brooch.

2. Sew your brooch bar onto one of the circles.  Depending on how neat you've sewn it on or whether you are giving it as a gift, you may want to cover the stitches with another small circle of felt on the right side.

3.  Layer your flowers and the felt together ready to be sewn.

4. Then carefully sew together the two buttons and the felt.

5. Sew the two layers of felt together...

6. Then there you have it, one very cute and simple flower brooch!

All the products can be purchased in the shop, so why not give it a go!

p.s. new Design Team packs are going out tomorrow so some new makes from them using a new fabric will be coming soon!!


  1. I LOVE this. Simple yet gorgeous and effective xxx I am so excited about the new design team pack :-)

  2. Ooh love this Rhi - even I may be able to manage the sewing on this one lol! You know I glue everything ;)

    P.S Thanks for Saturday - we all had a great time!

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  3. eeeee! Looking forward to the next pack!

    Love these little flower buttons, so cute, and such sweet brooches :)